The Birth of the Zippered Handbag

The Birth of the Zippered Handbag

In 1916, Emile-Maurice Hermès embarks on a journey that would forever change the landscape of luxury fashion. During a visit to Henry Ford's automobile factory in North America, Emile-Maurice is introduced to a revolutionary mechanism: the zipper!

Inspired by the zipper's functionality and modern appeal, Hermès files a patent in 1923 to integrate this innovative closure system into their leather goods. The iconic Hermès Bolide emerges as the world's first handbag featuring a zipper closure, originally named "le sac pour l'auto."

The Evolution of the Bolide: A Symbol of Speed and Elegance

As the automotive industry flourished in the early 20th century, the Hermès Bolide undergoes a transformation. Renamed after a 16th-century word for comet, the Bolide symbolizes speed, elegance, and a nod to the burgeoning sports car culture.

Crafting Luxury Travel Accessories

In response to the growing demand for travel accessories, Hermès expanded its product line to include a range of meticulously crafted items. From driving gloves to racing scarves, custom luggage trunks to leather wallets tailored for roadmaps, Hermès catered to discerning travelers with impeccable taste!

The Bolide: The Ultimate Travel Companion

Designed with functionality and sophistication in mind, the Hermès Bolide quickly becomes the quintessential travel bag for discerning globetrotters. Ideal for transcontinental journeys, the Bolide exemplifies Hermès' commitment to both style and practicality!!!!!

"The Hermès Bolide blends timeless elegance with modern innovation, embodying the spirit of travel and adventure."

In conclusion, Hermès' pioneering use of the zipper in handbag design not only revolutionizes the fashion industry but also sets a new standard for luxury travel accessories. The legacy of the Hermès Bolide continues to inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the enduring appeal of timeless craftsmanship and innovation.



Hermès 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Bolide On Wheels 1923


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